Student Loan Repayment Training

Provides the knowledge and strategies that the loan servicers cannot provide. Earn the Student Loan Repayment Advisor (SLRA) FINRA-Listed designation and CFP CEs

SLRA Offers A Boot Camp Program To Help Advisors Get Trained Faster

This three day live meeting reviews cover the current days chapters. It enhances your online learning experience with additional case studies and opportunity ask direct questions.

  • Day 1 - Current Repayment & Forgiveness Trends, Student Loan Repayment Calculations, Understand Loan Data Sources, Graduation School Planning

  • Day 2 - Tax Strategies for Borrowers and Employers, Parent Plus Repayment and Retirement, Comparing Consolidation, Refinancing and Delayed Refinancing

  • Day 3 - Student Loan Forgiveness Options, PSLF Limited Waiver, IDR One-Time Adjustment, Loan Forgiveness Tax Exposure, Student Loan Assistance Benefit

  • Upcoming Boot Camp Program dates are: TBA

Become a SLRA

Be Part of the Student Loan Crisis Solution

Benefits Beyond the Training & Designation

  • Consulting Option

    We offer an outsourcing option as part of the transition or if you want us to do the analysis for you. This accelerates the business implementation.

  • Monthly Meeting & Resource Library

    At registration, you are invited to our monthly meetings that help you stay current. At completion, you get access to our Resource Library.

  • Award Winning Software

    Our comprehensive software includes a student loan repayment solution along with a college funding and graduate school tool.

About the Author

Fred Amrein

Fred started his own RIA with college funding and student loan repayment as his niche' in 2004 after a career in corporate finance. He evolved that combined knowledge to become a nationally recognized expert in student loan repayment and college funding. His expertise combines personal financial planning into student loan repayment, forgiveness, and college funding decisions.