Become A College Funding And Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA)

Comprehensive Training Programs in One Place

  • CFSLA Designation

    Enhance your advisory skills through our comprehensive and innovative training in college funding and student loan repayment. A FINRA listed designation.

  • Paying For College

    A program focused on the college funding and financial aid process. It explains how to save for college and properly develop a college funding strategy.

  • Student Loan Repayment

    Get the knowledge to answer the various student loan repayment and forgiveness questions. Grow your business in this high demand area.

CFP CE Quality Partner

Earn up to 26.5 CFP CE credits with the CFSLA designation program in one year

Our courses were audited and received the CFP Quality Partner approval from the CFP Board. You receive 19.5 CFP CE credits at course completion and the ability to earn 7 more CE credits during the year. The College Funding & Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA) training program provides the financial advisor with a holistic approach to the student debt crisis. The program bring together the financial aid process, college saving plans, educational tax strategies, proper student loan planning and the various loan repayment options.
CFP CE Quality Partner

CFSLA Program Bonus Offering

In addition to the training program receive these additional benefits

  • Quarterly CE Webinars, Case Study Webinars & Financial Alerts

    7 Additional CEs

    Our goal is to keep our CFSL advisors informed. We will provide quarterly meetings that will educate CFSLAs on current topics, changes to policy and clarify areas of uncertainty. We also provide three PowerPoint presentations for your use. To ehnance your learning there are case study webinars to learn how to apply your knowledge. Financial Alerts are issued when changes occur in the financial aid and educational tax area change.

  • Advisors Listed on PayForED Website

    Once you complete the CFSLA program, you will be listed on the PayForED website. We market our website to thousands of people, schools, colleges, and employers as a resource for their families. An annual fee and CEs will be required to remain on this list each year.

  • Code of Ethics

    We wanted to be recognized as a trusted resource in the marketplace. A code of ethics and standard of conduct will need to be signed annually.

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What Financial Advisors Are Saying:

““As a fee-only financial planner I’ve found the PayForED software instrumental in helping my clients make smart college decisions. Before choosing PayForED, we evaluated many options, but picked PayForED because it is easy to use, focused on four-year cash flow and includes long-term impact of borrowing costs. It is easy to then incorporate the results into our financial planning software to show our clients the long-term impact of the different college decisions.” ”

Mike E (Financial Advisor, NC)Mike E (Financial Advisor, NC)

“Fred is the most knowledgeable person I’ve found regarding navigating the complexities of college financial planning. Missteps in the college decision, in college paying and student loan can negate much of the return on investment that attending college promises. As a CFSLA, I am now equipped to help parents and their child from their college financial decision through selecting amongst the dizzying array of student loan repayment options.”

James B (Financial Advisor, IL)James B (Financial Advisor, IL)

College Funding Course

Learn the strategies to help you attract new clients and retain assets by reaching your current clients' children.

  • Earn CFP CE Credits

    11.5 credits

    This course gives the financial advisor the strategies to help their clients navigate the college funding process, avoid excessive debt

  • Discount to CFSLA Designation

    $100 value

    If you upgrade your learning, to the CFLSA designation course within 6 months of your enrollment, we will credit your Paying For College fee toward the CFSLA course plus give an additional $100 off the CFSLA regular price.

Student Loan Repayment Course

Learn the student loan repayment and forgiveness strategies to help clients improve their financial futures.

  • CFP CE Credits

    8 CFP CEs

    With this knowledge, the financial advisor will be able to attract the young professional client and help the children of current clients.

  • Discount to CFSLA Designation

    $100 value

    If you upgrade your learning, to the CFLSA designation course within 6 months of your enrollment, we will credit your Student Loan Repayment fee toward the CFSLA course plus give an additional $100 off the regular CFSLA price.

Software Solution to Compliment Your Training

PayForED is the only company that has both the training and software in one place for college funding and student loan repayment.

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Software Solution to Compliment Your Training