Comprehensive Training In One Place

  • CFSLA Designation

    The College Funding and Student Loan Advisor (CFSLA) designation is a holistic learning experience that covers both college funding and student loan repayment strategies. It is a FINRA-listed designation. (Earn 26+ CFP CEs)

  • SLRA Designation

    A program focusing only on student loan repayment and forgiveness strategies. The Student Loan Repayment Advisor (SLRA) designation is also a FINRA-listed designation. (Earn 13+ CFP CEs)

  • Learning Flexibility

    We offer various ways that advisors can add this expertise to their business. You can enroll in one program and later add the other courses needed to enhance your knowledge and business services.

CFP CE Quality Partner Since 2017

Most Approved CFP Courses on College Funding , Student Loan Repayment, and Forgiveness

The CFP academic group audited our initial CFSLA course in 2017 based on the number of CFP courses we had approved at that time on these topics. Our Founder, Fred Amrein, has the most approved CFP Courses on Financial Aid, College Funding, Student Loan Repayment and Student Loan Forgiveness.

College Funding & Student Loan Repayment Training

CFSLA Designation (26+ CFP CEs)

A thorough training course that covers the evolution of all the college funding and student loan repayment decisions. You will learn how student loan repayment options are highly dependent on proper debt structure.

Student Loan Repayment Advisor

SLRA Designation (13+ CFP CEs)

An extensive training course on the various student loan repayment and forgiveness options. You will understand the growing importance of a household view and proper Adjusted Gross Income management to maximize loan forgiveness.

Business Partnerships & Seen In

Envestnet MoneyGuide
Financial Planning Association
Surgent CPE
National Association of Enrolled Agents
Wall Street Journal
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Designation Program Bonus Offering

Our goal is not just to train you but to keep you current

  • Monthly Meetings & Alerts

    PayForED holds a monthly meeting for our designation students, holders, and software users. Meetings will cover recent topics or changes. We also encourage our advisors to submit topics that you would like covered. We will also send financial aid alerts when announcements are made.

  • Advisors Listed on PayForED Website

    Once you complete the CFSLA program, you will be listed on the PayForED website. We market our website to thousands of people, schools, colleges, and employers as a resource for their families. An annual fee and CEs will be required to remain on this list each year.

  • Code of Ethics

    We wanted to be recognized as a trusted resource in the marketplace. A code of ethics and standard of conduct will need to be signed annually.

Software Solutions to Compliment Your Training

Our 3 in1 software platform includes college planning, graduate school, and student loan repayment tools in one software suite. Due to the recent legislative changes we also have an employer portal that helps both employees and employers with offering tax-free student loan reimbursement and the SECURE Act changes.

What Financial Advisors Are Saying:

““As a fee-only financial planner I’ve found the PayForED software instrumental in helping my clients make smart college decisions. Before choosing PayForED, we evaluated many options, but picked PayForED because it is easy to use, focused on four-year cash flow and includes long-term impact of borrowing costs. It is easy to then incorporate the results into our financial planning software to show our clients the long-term impact of the different college decisions.” ”

Mike E (Financial Advisor, NC)

“Fred is the most knowledgeable person I’ve found regarding navigating the complexities of college financial planning. Missteps in the college decision, in college paying and student loan can negate much of the return on investment that attending college promises. As a CFSLA, I am now equipped to help parents and their child from their college financial decision through selecting amongst the dizzying array of student loan repayment options.”

James B (Financial Advisor, IL)